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Nuffield Health Shop is the UK's largest healthcare charity, with the aim of building a healthier nation through their hospitals, fitness & wellbeing clubs, healthcare clinics and over 200 workplace wellbeing services. section of the Style panel and add a color, image, or gradient.

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The brief

SIPL worked closely with Nuffield Health on building and expanding their online retail since the launch of the shop website in May 2020. Our brief was to build a product-based website for their customers which offered a range of goods from supplements to fitness equipment. SIPL helped came up with solutions around website building, stock management, linking to suppliers and reporting customer service. In the summer of 2021, SIPL also implemented COVID-19 testing services at Bristol airport, Cardiff airport and other various London locations. This allowed customers to easily book a test on the Nuffield Health Shop website.

Ongoing SIPL management

SIPL continue to work with Nuffield Health on updating their website imagery, content, products, and promotions on the shop website. Managing the PPC and SEO marketing. Providing a full customer service solution by phone and email, ongoing stock management and reporting as required.

What we did

  • Providing established brands with simple and cost-effective new routes to market
  • Website build and launch
  • Ongoing design work
  • New products implementation
  • Management of external marketing agencies
  • Full stock management
  • Customer service management
 SIPL has been fast and agile in finding solutions for Nuffield Health during challenging times with COVID. SIPL initially launched the online shop for us, but then have provided invaluable solutions for Airport/London COVID testing, COVID rehabilitation programmes and corporate solutions. 
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